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The Covenant Community of Jesus the Good Shepherd is a territorial parish of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.

The term "covenant" community comes from Jesus' words of consecration over the cup during the Last Supper. "This cup is the new covenant in my blood." (Luke 22:20) Since our worship is centered in the Eucharist, we are a covenanted people.

Three virtues give special focus to our Covenant Community. Through the virtue of Hospitality we endeavor to know and care about each other, to share a deep sense of belonging, and to welcome the stranger.

Through the virtue of Spirituality we endeavor to celebrate the Liturgy in the best traditions of the Church, to promote participation in small Christian study groups, and to develop ministries of spiritual growth within the Community.

Through the virtue of Stewardship we recognize that each Confirmed person has gifts to bring to the upbuilding of the Kingdom of God. We engage in works of justice and charity, including maintaining a relationship with a sister Parish in the Third World. We support the Lord's work through sacrificial giving, and avoid means of support which are not within His plan for the Church. A Stewardship Council helps us maintain a living expression of that virtue within our Covenant Community.

The goal of all decision-making is to discern together the will of God for his covenanted people. To this end we enjoy the blessing of pastoral office in the Church, a yearly general convocation of the membership, and a Covenant Service Board. We seek consensus in major matters and remain aware that the Lord may choose anyone through whom to speak.

Each year, in September, the Community celebrates only one weekend Liturgy. During this Covenant Sunday Liturgy a bishop, if available, leads us in a re-covenanting ceremony. We renew our commitments to the covenant way of life and to the three virtues of hospitality, spirituality and stewardship. At the same time we offer our gifts on a yearly basis to the Lord as His Spirit guides each of us and join small Christian study groups. This Liturgy is followed by the Covenant Festival.

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“We, the Roman Catholic Parish of the Covenant Community of Jesus the Good Shepherd, have chosen to serve the Lord by evangelizing through the virtues of Hospitality, Spirituality and Stewardship.”
Saturday Vigil - 5 PM
Sunday - 8 AM | *10:45 AM | 5 PM
Daily Mass – M-F 8:00 AM; Sat 8 AM
Saturday Confessions 3:30 to 4:30 PM
*9:45 AM during summer months
Holy Days as announced
Contact: (410) 257-3810
Fax #: (410) 257-6334
Email: community@ccjgs.org
Website: www.ccjgs.org
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