Pro Life

We are a Pro Life Community

“I say to you America, in the light of your own tradition: Love life, cherish life, and defend life, from conception to natural death”. Pope John Paul II

We reach out to educate the community, support Pro-Life positions, and petition our elected officials to defend human life from conception to natural death. Future plans also include a pro-life monument and an annual Pro-Life Exposition featuring pro-life films and speakers.

We support the Archdiocese of Washington and the Maryland Catholic Conference in all of their Pro-Life efforts. Recent issues of concern include parental notification, human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, the death penalty, assisted suicide, and abortion.

Buzz Burek (301) 812-1868;
Roseanna Vogt (301) 873-3096;

Information Resource Links

# If you have had an abortion and are looking for help points to:

# If you are pregnant and want to learn about other options points to:

# Information about Fetal development points to:

# General information about the Pro-Life cause points to:

# Current abortion news, the March for Life, getting involved (National Right to Life web site) points to:

# Pro-Life T-shirts and other stuff points to:

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